User Goals

The first step we took towards systematically solving the concept curation challenge was to establish the various actors involved in and around concept curation, then focus on people who are users of current systems which try to enable concept curation.


Through a structured user goal identification activity we modeled system users (roles not personas),  their key goals and tasks we believe they should undertake in an ideal system.

Concept Curation User Goals




Another vantage point we looked at from was that of the workflow between various system users. This perspective facilitates a better understanding of how the different pieces of the system would come together. It also helps to ensure that activity loops are getting closed.


Key artefacts are identified and so are any breakages in the flow of work between different users.


Such a representation also helps clarify nomenclature. The same set of tasks might be done by people with different job titles across organisations.


Concept Curation Workflow

Product Management

Product Opportunity Assessment