Why Protect?

Important things can take a lifetime to build and a moment to lose. Protect your revenue, reputation and the trust your customers place in you by helping protect their privacy and rights.

What is Protect?

A robust enterprise grade tool enabling you to smoothly work with challenging regulations like the GDPR.


Protect builds on top of Curate to help you know what data is relevant in the context of complex regulations and where to find it. It further enables you to communicate clearly with internal and external stakeholders by translating complex regulations and making them easy to understand and work with. Protect gives you the ability to measure, assess and minimize the regulatory risk to your organization.


For regulations focusing on data protection and privacy of citizens, Protect empowers data subjects (citizens) to exercise their rights with ease - such as rights to access, remediate, port or erase their data. Thus supercharging your organization to efficiently comply with regulatory requirements like data access requests.

How Protect works?

  1. Assess your logical and physical inventory (relevant data concepts & physical assets)

  2. Easily visualize and understand where you stand and what you need to do.

  3. Monitor levels of risk and watch it reduce systematically as your data stewards curate.

  4. Confidently hand out reports to regulators at the click of a button.

  5. Track requests as data subjects serve themselves and easily facilitate if required.